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We help you tell your story and build your brand across your international markets

We guide your unique brand story,  helping you shape the language you use, reflecting your unique culture so that your premium products have maximum appeal in your international markets.  

We help you tell your story, using language integration to ensure that communication between your brand and your  customers is  engaging and consistent, from your press releases through to your website and  packaging copy!


Language solutions


Language matters

We ensure you talk about your brand with consistency in all your communications, whether B2B or B2C, written or spoken, on or offline. In this way, your corporate identity and values are always on brand, faithfully reflected across your diverse international and regional markets. With our help, your brand language will be cohesive, appropriate and powerful, meeting your linguistic needs. Our strong team has wide-ranging experience, from developing video voiceovers to crafting brand stories and writing engaging newsletters:

  • storytelling that works for your brand
  • brand language guidelines
  • website copy
  • press releases
  • webshop/Amazon content

We are members of the Department for International Trade’s UK Investment Support Directory

Even if you are visually recognisable, how do you and your partners talk about your brand? How do your marketing teams, PR teams and even retailers describe your products/services? We can help you develop and implement a strong verbal identity to set you apart from your competitors with every word you say or write! Email us now for a free consultation.

Expanding into a market using a different language  may mean you consider working with a translator. However, translators are not experts in evaluating what will work best in a particular market. Localisation and transcreation agents certainly take the local culture into consideration, but we offer language integration: integrating your corporate/brand values and identity into every message. Working with us ensures that all your communications, across all platforms, reflect your brand identity. Email us now for a free consultation.

Whether most of your language work is done in-house or through an agency, we can help you ensure that you are putting your resources to good use by providing you with unbiased evaluation  of your translated texts. We work with native speakers in your target area to get feedback on your messages so we can evaluate how they are received by your local target group. If there are any weaknesses you will know about them before they become a problem. Make sure your company image is what you really want it to be. Email us now for a free consultation

Not sure how we can help? We offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation during which we will take the time to understand what is important to your company and your brand before we look at how your communications are currently reflecting your image. Email us now!

why choose us

Your brand solutions are in our team

We all have a story to tell: our multinational, multilingual team of highly qualified and experienced specialists are based in the UK and around Europe, also in the USA/Canada, ensuring that the language/s we use are as current and colloquial as you require. 

Our team includes branding and marketing professionals, journalists, editors, copy writers, proofreaders, PR professionals, film industry professionals, ex-military, translators and a university lecturer.

Our values

Communication is what we do. We do it with

Supporting and valuing colleagues and clients.
We love our work! Driven to excellence, we want to get it right first time.
Open and honest in our dealings with clients and colleagues.
A clear, straightforward and easy to understand process, explaining what we do and how/when we are doing it.

Who we are



Managing Director

Anita founded Gera.Solutions in 2020, drawing on her experience of living and working as a consultant, coach, and trainer in half a dozen countries, to help tell clients' stories. Based in the south of England, Anita spends much of her free time supporting a multi-national group of mothers who have lost custody of their children; she is happy to share their stories too.



UK Operations

Dan oversees UK Operations, drawing on corporate experience gained both in the UK and abroad. He ensures comprehensive resource-planning and is responsible for maintaining Health & Safety for the team. In his free time Dan likes to play golf and watch sport. He is also our Wellbeing Officer's mentor (AKA trainer).


Mo and Jürgen

Translators and Editors, English and German

Mo and Jürgen are a husband and wife team with extensive translating experience across a wide range of industries, providing a native speaker level of quality in two languages and a sound basis for preparing text for subsequent language integration. Based in Hamburg, they also have deep roots in the film and music industry.

Legal and Compliance Officer


Legal and Compliance Officer

Kim is also an Associate Lecturer in Law and has managed a number of research projects whilst working towards her PhD. Based in the north of England, she taught corporate and business English in Madrid for many years, speaks fluent Spanish and relaxes by taking part in Ultra Challenge hikes to raise money for charity.



Editor, German, British English and French

Sandra has a wealth of experience in communicating in different languages, in a variety of roles. She is a proud military wife and also a volunteer translator of children’s books. In her spare time, Sandra loves swimming and running in the glorious countryside around her home in Gloucestershire.



American English Editor, Proofreader and Translator

Olivia lives in New York, making use of her fluent Spanish and MA in Translation and Interpreting to provide subtitle translations for marketing and entertainment materials. Her experience includes book translations, captioning and copy editing services. In her spare time Olivia is an avid reader and powerlifter.



Wellbeing Officer

Molly is here to support all the team by encouraging physical exercise and good mental health. She loves networking and is happy to meet all our contacts F2F, restrictions allowing, for walks and cuddles.


International Team

Consultants, specialists, journalists, editors, writers, translators and more

Our team are spread around the world, ensuring that together we always make the best choices for YOUR brand!


Our main languages

The Gera.Solutions team includes marketing, branding and general business experts. We currently specialise in telling brand stories in English, German, French and Spanish.

Email us now (in any of these languages)! 

What is language integration?

Our premium language service, ensuring that your brand is built on solid foundations!


Language integration is at the top of the pyramid for a reason!

Consistency across all your platforms and messages, incorporating your brand culture and values as well as local differences, building on  elements of transcreation, localisation and translation.


Project re-created to reflect local culture and norms.

language integration pyramid


Language reflects and conforms to local culture and norms.

Human translation

Quality dependent on experience (not necessarily on qualifications); great for literature and general business letters

Machine translation

Cheap, can even be on your phone; great for an idea of what’s on a menu or what a historic monument is.

Agency vetting/reputational risk

Is the language your translation agency or copywriters provide really presenting your brand as you wish to appear? 

As language experts, we offer a unique agency vetting service: we evaluate your language providers, translation agencies and copywriters, carrying out bespoke QA so that you can be sure the message you want to give is being transmitted across all platformslanguages and marketsSo get in touch, see how we can help you now!

We all know that once negative feedback begins, rescuing your reputation can be a real struggle. 
  • Vetting procedure for new agencies
  • QA for current agencies
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